Since its founding, Heliae has harnessed an innovation culture to develop advanced algae strains, production technology, and downstream processing equipment to optimize algae production for a range of product targets. We are eager to spur the industry forward by providing best-in-class technology to qualified producers who can add to this growing industry.

Our Technologies Include:


Heliae Strains

There are more than 100,000 algae species on the planet, each with a set of unique characteristics and output traits that offer potential value to industry and society. With a world class phycology and microbiology team, Heliae offers clients access to its library of wild and enhanced algae strains, each selected and honed for key attributes to offer a wide range of product and service functionality. Whether targeting the production of a known algal product or exploring new product formulations with novel algae ingredients, Heliae can work to select the strain that matches your needs.

We have a robust algae strain library with constantly expanding inventory. Our strains fall into two main categories:

Freshwater Collection
Marine Collection
For more information about our strain collections or on working with Heliae to identify the right algae strain for your specific application, please

Algae Production Systems

With significant investment in advanced algae research and years of field experience producing algae at scale, Heliae now offers a complete series of commercially-validated algae production systems. From strain screening, in-situ mobile pilot systems, seed production units, and the Volaris production platform, Heliae is in a position to deliver complete turn-key production systems or focused technical solutions to meet your needs.

Our interdisciplinary team has leveraged experience in light management, microbiology, advanced engineering, process design, algae kinetics, fluid dynamics, and the latest in process modeling to assemble best-in-class, best-in-cost systems that out-perform conventional technology. Our technology provides the key to improved production rates, reduced contamination, and cost reduction that delivers a competitive advantage to any algae production facility. For more information on our algae production offerings, please


Volaris™ Commercial Production Platform

Volaris is the next generation of turn-key algae production platforms. Leveraging the best practices of phototrophic and heterotrophic production methods, Heliae has pioneered and perfected a hybrid platform that uses sunlight and waste carbon feedstocks to increase production rates, reduce capital costs, and offer a dramatic improvement in product flexibility. The advanced control system included in the Volaris production platform affords precise management of algae cultures, thereby reducing contamination, increasing product quality, and improving overall operational economics. Volaris offers commercial producers a viable scalable production system that reduces costs to produce algae and therefore broadens customer access to markets. Heliae’s Volaris platform technology is unlocking the full value of algae for customers and partners worldwide. For more information on Volaris, please

AMP™ Rapid Strain Screening System

Heliae’s need for a rapid screening system to shorten the time from strain discovery to product development led to the development of AMP. Whether utilizing known species or bio-prospecting for novel algae varieties, vetting strain characteristics and performance metrics can be a resource-intensive and lengthy process. AMP allows algae firms to quickly and cost-effectively examine strain viability, identify optimal growth parameters, and assess product development potential. AMP reduces the time and cost of strain screening and increases the accuracy of strain selection for customers. For more information on AMP, please

MACS™ Mobile Pilot System

Although algae are ubiquitous across the globe, local conditions vary widely and are a critical factor in dictating the design and operating parameters of an algae facility. Bio-prospecting for local algae strains and performing site analysis for production facilities necessitate in-situ pilot operations that give development firms the ability to efficiently collect data and drive the planning and execution of your algae project. Heliae’s MACS System offers customers a valuable tool for all aspects of project planning. From initial bio-prospecting surveys to feasibility studies of local water, contaminants, and climatic factors, MACS reduces uncertainty and increases the odds of success for any design and planning process. With remote capabilities and rapid analytics, MACS is essential for firms developing algae production facilities. For more information on our MACS Mobile Pilot System, please

Helix™ Seed Production Systems

The production of axenic algae seed is a critical aspect of any production facility. Our proprietary Helix technology is compatible with most algae species and has been proven to reliably and affordably provide continuous production of high quality seed to support commercial-scale algae production. Helix boasts a closed glass tubular reactor design with an advanced controls package that allows operators to control production parameters, eliminate contamination, and reliably deliver healthy vibrant algae cultures over extended growth cycles. Incorporation of this unit in an algae operation will dramatically reduce contamination in downstream production units, increase performance, and improve overall facility economics. For more information on the Helix Seed Production Systems, please

Contamination Control

Successful contamination control is a significant factor in the economic viabilty of any algae production facilty. Heliae’s experience in the prevention, mitigation, and management of contamination within multiple growing platforms enables us to offer world-class solutions. With deep experience managing algae cultures over long growth cycles, we have developed comprehensive contamination management systems and protocols to catch contamination early and solve problems long before cultures crash, quality is degraded, and operational performance suffers. For more information on our contamination control technology, please

Product Extraction

Regardless of the product target, we have an extraction technology that reliably delivers quality products in a cost effective manner. With deep expertise internally and a stable of qualified technology partners, Heliae is positioned to provide the appropriate extraction technology to support customer requirements. Whether it’s our own patented food-safe solvent extraction process or the technology of one of our partners, Heliae can deliver a turn-key package that offers a competitive edge in the marketplace. For more information on our extraction technology, please


One size does not fit all in harvesting solutions for algae production. The optimal harvesting solution is driven by a variety of factors including algae strain, size, stage of growth, shape, and target product stream. Heliae offers expertise across multiple existing methods and a variety of novel harvesting technologies, including centrifugation, membrane filtration, flocculation, and additional solids separation technology. Regardless of context, Heliae has the capacity to offer single or multi-step solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

As part of our harvesting technology offerings, Heliae has entered into a distribution partnership with Evodos, a leader in the field of algae harvesting technology. The Evodos Spiral Plate Technology (SPT) allows high separation effectiveness with minimal energy required, using only 3000 G’s. The remaining process liquid is removed before discharge, leaving algae biomass 98 percent free of extracellular water and ready for further downstream processing. The Evodos systems are available in three different sizes:

Evodos logo white
Evodos Type 10

The type 10 is part of a new generation of dynamic settlers, both in process characteristics as in the mechanical construction. With a feed flow maximum of 750 liter per hour, the type 10 positions itself for processing by research institutions, inoculation processes, small scale algae operations and testing for algae harvesting and various other mixtures.

Evodos Type 25

The type 25 is part of a new generation of dynamic settlers, both in process characteristics and mechanical construction. With a feed flow maximum of 4000 liters per hour, the type 25 positions itself in the mid-range of the Evodos dynamic settlers.

Evodos Type 250
Evodos Type 250

The type 250 is part of a new generation of dynamic settlers, both in process characteristics and mechanical construction. With a feed flow maximum of 40.000 liters per hour, the type 250 positions itself in the top range of the Evodos centrifuges. Available by mid-2013.